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Our story

About the brand

Brand owner and visionary, endearingly called “Ms. Williams”, has been a cigar enthusiast since 1992.  

Mi Abuelos Cigars® is a trademarked brand owned by Mi Abuelos Cigar Company LLC and was launched in 2020. The company was formed in honor and tribute to the eternal legacy of our ancestors, who instilled in us a moral code that says, transformation is birthed upon the shoulders of perseverance, tenacity and kindness.

Mi Abuelos Cigars® offers several custom blends with choice tobaccos extra aged for 4 years in centennial rum barrels. Our product delivers a perfect burn, and layer upon layer of complexity and satisfaction that grows in richness with each smooth draw.

It is my hope that with each indulgent in this extraordinary smoke, all of our ancestors will be as honored as your palate for flavor, body, and strength is satisfied by smoking our premium cigars.

Eternal ~ Legado ~ Santo

Our Product

Surgeon General Warning:

Cigars are not a safe alternative to

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